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About Gazabjobs

Gazabjobs is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), Vocational Training Organisations, Colleges and Job Consultants to Digitalise their Placements and provide Blue Collar Jobs and Fresher Jobs, in Top Companies to their Graduating Students, Alumni and Job Seekers.

The Best Job Builder For Launching Your Own Job Portal Website

Delivering the Best Job Portal for Jobs in these Industries


Launch your Own Jobs Website in a minute.
Access to 1000s of Jobs from Top Brands
100% Placement for Eligible Candidates.
Start/Grow your Revenues by placing candidates into Jobs
Attract new students with your 100% Placement record

GazabJobs Features

Quick Setup

Experience a fast setup for your platform, in just 3 simple steps, no passwords required. And there is no need to wait because your platform is instantly available to use once you sign up.

Easy and Convenient Navigation

With a fast and simple interface, we have made sure that anyone who uses the product would not face any difficulty in working with it.

Swift Payments

We have partnered with Razorpay to bring you the widest range of payment options that your candidates can choose from. And it’s really fast too.

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Gazabjobs is ideal for :

  • Training Institutes imparting Vocational Skills Training,
  • English Language Training Institutes,
  • Job Consultants in business of providing jobs
  • Enterprising Individuals having large Network of People
  • Internet Cafe Owners
  • Education Institutions like Colleges, Universities etc

If you have access to a lot of people in your network who need a job. They could be students in training institutes graduating and looking for a job. They could be job seekers seeking your help to secure a job. By using Gazabjobs, you can launch a digital platform instantly to help these job seekers get a job and transform their life. And you can begin to earn money or grow your income from these placements.

You can sign up for GazabJobs in just three simple steps:

  • Enter Your Details - Owner Name, Email, Organization Name
  • Choose Your Package
  • Select Your Billing Plan - Monthly, Annual


That’s all you need to do.


If you want to personalize it like add and manage job listings, review candidates’ profiles and more, you can do so right from the administrator panel of your account itself.

You get the following features with your GazabJobs platform:


  • Easy and Convenient Navigation: We have created the platform so that it is really simple and easy to navigate and use for anyone who does. You don’t have to worry about having to specifically learn how to use it.
  • Add / Delete Jobs: You can post jobs you like and delete jobs that are no longer active or relevant.
  • Job Applications Management: Check job applicants’ details for requirements from employers and guide them to prepare well for the interview.
  • Swift Payments: We have partnered with Razorpay to bring you a state of the art digital payments system, with a huge variety of payment options to choose from for your convenience, and added layers of security for your peace of mind. You can use this to collect payments from your customers.
  • Access to Verification Services: We have partnered with the best agencies to bring you swift background verification services, so your candidates can get verified fast and start applying to the job of their dreams.
  • Value Adds: Get access to services such as Loans, Digital Marketing, Insurance and more with an ever growing list through our partners.

  • Source of Income: Start earning or grow your income from placing candidates with top employers
  • Attract new Customer: With real jobs on your Gazabjobs Platform Students or Job seekers to your business
  • Branding: Build your brand by promoting your own GazabJobs website to the world
  • Loyalty: Earn the trust of your customers to bring more customers to you and also take more of your services
  • Life-Long Customer Retention: Become capable to offer your services again and again in the future to provide benefits over a longer period and earn more from one customer

Your candidates are always looking for an opportunity to level up in their jobs. With GazabJobs Launchpad, you get access to a state-of-the-art online learning centre which your candidates can access to learn new skills or improve on their existing skills and get certifications from you, to get better opportunities.

With GazabJobs Wallet, we have all your payment needs covered. Not only that, you get access to your transaction history, add/withdraw money from your wallet and keep track of all your earnings from placing your candidates.

There are three ways you can put jobs on your GazabJobs website for your job seekers to see and apply.


One, by selecting jobs from an already existing pool of jobs aggregated by our team from top employers.

Second, you can upload jobs from your own set of employers with whom you are already working with.

Third, you can also ask us to get jobs from select employers whose jobs you want to show on your jobs platform.

You need to ask the job seekers in your network to register on your GazabJobs website to apply. It takes only a minute to register and apply.

Yes, you can. In fact, you should. This is a service you are providing and it will generate value for the job seeker as they will get a job and begin to earn.


But if you want to offer it free, it’s your choice.

Yes. We will be bringing more products and services for you and your job seekers via Gazabjobs platform like -

  • Education Loans
  • Online Training Courses
  • Product Offers
  • Referral Generation Offers for your business from Job Seekers
  • Discounted offers for job seekers from your own business like up-skill or cross-skill training etc.

  • You need to ensure that you post relevant jobs on your website.
  • Ask your network to register and apply.
  • And, most importantly, help your job seekers in completing their profiles and applications for the job so that they can improve their chances to get a job.

Your network’s data is protected using the highest grade data security protocols ensuring no leakage or breach.


Gazabjobs is a strong bridge between Industry-Academia-Jobseekers. It is unique & the only platform in our country, which is helping job seekers get a job.

Bhushan Bhopatkar

Bhushan Bhopatkar – Chairman

The Career Architect

GazabJobs is a Awesome & Easy Platform for Job Consultants to help their candidates seeking Jobs. It is surely bridging the gap between Industry and unemployed and contributing to Nation Building.

Parag Pawar

Parag Pawar – Social Entrepreneur


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Gurpreet Seble

Gurpreet Seble – President & Founder

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