Hiring blue-collar workers in India is a daunting task for employers. Employers who are operating in the informal sector face a challenge in hiring blue-collar workers like delivery staff, carpenters, plumbers, peons, cooks, etc. This happens because employers feel a huge gap connecting with workers. The traditional hiring process for entry-level blue-collar jobs involved agencies and middlemen that have proven to be ineffective, costly, and complex.

The modern solutions involving job portal development to make the hiring process simple and effective are preferred for reaching out to candidates for entry-level blue-collar jobs. Since middlemen don’t facilitate a direct relationship between a worker and an employer, as they can utilize this gap for their benefit, job portals are the most sought-after for blue-collar hiring. Another reason why a job portal is better than the traditional hiring processes is that with the traditional process, there is a lack of awareness of proper channels and how to use them. In contrast, job portal development provides the perfect all-in-one channel for making the hiring process smooth and transparent.

The blue-collar hiring sector has been ignored for the longest time, but recently, the Government of India has launched several initiatives to service the sector and bring it back to life. Initiatives like ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Startup India’, and other initiatives are providing the required support for reviving the current situation and making it better. Job creation, encouraging entrepreneurs, improving skills of entry-level blue-collar job seekers, and creating awareness about the use of technology are the major focus points of these initiatives. These initiatives have helped in the digitalization of blue-collar hiring through job portal development. Let’s take a look at the top blue-collar hiring portals in India:

Blue-collar Job Portals in India:

  1. Waah Jobs: Formerly known as Aasaan Jobs, it is a full-fledged blue-collar hiring portal providing solutions and consultancy to all startups, small and medium businesses as well as large businesses.

Link: https://www.waahjobs.com/?redirectFromAJ=true

  1. Kaam 24: A job portal specific to blue-collar hiring in India. It has an extensive category of job postings. The categories include delivery staff, security guard, office boy, housekeeping, driver, cook, etc.

Link: https://www.kaam24.com/

  1. Quikr Jobs: It functions more or less like a classified section of a newspaper. The employers can post the ad about an entry-level blue-collar job and Quikr Jobs connects them with suitable job seekers. It currently offers jobs in 8 Indian cities.

Link: https://www.quikr.com/jobs/

  1. Job Nukkad: A blue-collar hiring platform that is specific for house help. They provide entry-level blue-collar jobs in the following categories:
    1. Maids
    2. Babysitters
    3. Cooks
    4. Caretakers 
    5. Drivers

Link: https://jobnukkad.com/

  1. Just Jobs: It is a one-stop solution job portal development catering to over 24 blue-collar hiring categories. It has cost-effective plans and pricing and enables employers to post entry-level blue-collar jobs for free.

Link: https://www.just.jobs/

  1. Saral Rozgar: An initiative of the Mahindra Group. It is India’s only multilingual blue-collar hiring marketplace.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/saral-rozgar/about/

  1. Nano Jobs: A blue-collar hiring portal that covers 24 categories. It also creates awareness for blue and grey collar skilled and unskilled workers regarding job portal development.

Link: http://www.nanojobs.com/

  1. Kaamkaaj: A job portal specific for the unorganized sector. It utilizes the technology to make blue-collar hiring more feasible and simple.

Link: http://www.kaamkaaj.com/

  1. Work India: This blue-collar hiring portal helps employers to post their job, advertise the entry-level blue-collar job vacancy, connects the employers and the job seekers, and helps with the complete hiring process.

Link: https://www.workindia.in/

  1. Job is Job: A job portal development catering to blue and grey collar jobs. They offer hundreds of thousands of entry-level blue-collar job listings and advanced filtered search tools to make searching for the right blue-collar job easy for you.

Link: https://www.jobisjob.co.in/m

  1. Book My Bai: A blue-collar job portal that is specific for maids. This job portal development offers entry-level blue-collar jobs in the category of:
    1. Housemaids
    2. Cooks
    3. Baby-Sitters
    4. Senior Citizen Care

Link: https://www.bookmybai.com/

  1. Mera Driver: A job portal dedicated to part-time/ full-time drivers in India. It is India’s leading driver provider company. They connect drivers who require work opportunities with clients who require a driver.

Link: https://www.meradriver.com/

  1. Betterplace: A blue-collar workers management portal that not only helps with hiring the entry-level blue-collar workers but it also helps with managing and engaging the workers.

Link: https://www.betterplace.co.in/

  1. Apna Jobs: The up-and-coming job portal development that caters to both the formal and the informal sector. It has more than 50 lakhs jobs posted and more than 1 crore job seekers using the Apna Jobs platform.

Link: https://apna.co/

So this is the list of top blue-collar job portals in India. The blue-collar hiring scenario in our country is improving slowly with the job portal developments. The mentioned job portals are responsible for making the situation so much better for the unorganized sector in India.

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